Fall break and free stuff

17 10 2009


UNC students are out of class for Fall break (October 22nd through the 25th).

If you are planning to travel for your break, save money by carpooling!

Cragslist rideshare is a good place to start. Relevant postings can be buried pages in, so use the search tools on the top of the page to help sort.

There is also a rideshare board in the Student Union (and in residence halls).

Still not sure what you’re doing?

Whether you’re using the time to finish papers or looking forward to a worry-free weekend, here are some ways to pass the time:

Catch up on TV Shows– Academics frequently takes away from treasured TV-watching time. Take some of your free time over the break to catch up on favorites you have been missing out on, like “Always Sunny in Philidelphia” or “Glee.”

You can watch many shows for free at Hulu.com or many full episode’s are available on the network’s website. The hilarious new episode of Parks and Recreation, for instance, is available along with many others on NBC’s website.

Take a hike– There are many places to hike around the triangle area. It’s free, fun to do with a friend, and makes you feel like you’ve done something besides sitting on the couch watching TV Shows. If you’re feeling really outdoorsy, camping is great afterwards. Invite friends for a bonfire and enjoy getting up when the sun does.

Take out pent up aggression– Buy cheap items from a thrift shop or get things from Craigslist freelist (see below) like lamps, TVs, vases, etc. Use your back yard, junkyard or other place that is not illegal. Grab sledgehammar, take out aggression by smashing said items to bits. Then put the cherry on top by kicking them off of a cliff (optional).


Craigslist also has postings for free stuff. Local residents give away everything from pianos to mulch! I got a great table from someone this week.

These things may be free but they aren’t necessarily easy. That table, for instance, required three e-mails, two phone calls, getting lost for about 20 minutes, scheduling hassle and responsibility for transportation and pick up. Saving $60 was worth it for me, but that is just something to keep in mind.

Also note that things get taken quickly, so I would not recommend answering posts over 3 days old.

Get the postings quickly and easily by following @FreeListRaleigh on Twitter.



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