Metal show at the Reservoir tonight – no cover!

9 11 2009

I would describe the Reservoir as a dingy rock-n-roll dive bar with loads of character. Think tattoos, long hair, black tees… so wearing a pink Lacoste polo is not recommended. It is a convenient location off of W Franklin Street (barely Carrboro.)

The line-up tonight is mainly metal and features Carrboro locals, Systems, who have a growing fan base.

Opening up for them will be Atlas Moth from Chicago ( Bluesy sludge and 60s psychedelic) and HOG from Durham (heavy-doom metal).

The show starts at 10 p.m. and will run until roughly 1:30 a.m.

The Reservoir has been smoke-free for a little over a week now, but after seeing the regulars who have been chain-smoking there for years I am guessing it will be more like months before the grunge and nicotine coating the walls will finally dissipate.

Reservoir Bar

In addition to the free show tonight, you can always play darts and pool for free! And PBR’s are always about a $1.50.



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9 11 2009

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