Who are you?

I am a student at the University of North Carolina majoring in electronic journalism. I have been actively participating in a number of journalistic endeavors for the past few years. Not convinced of my street cred? Here’s my resume on LinkedIn. (What is LinkedIn?)

My qualifications and my passion allow me to slave away digging up information pertinent to you, the frugal young person. Hopefully this site will prove to be a helpful one.

Why are you doing this blog?

From books to gas expenses to groceries to entertainment, I am constantly finding myself stressed about money. In addition to many of my peers, I have goals to get my finances more in order… but don’t want to miss out on the fun stuff. I noticed there was no website for this area listing weekly specials or helpful ideas for this topic. So, alas, I am taking one for the team. Viola.

How can I contact you to add to the site?

By either writing a comment or e-mailing me at lizlemon@unc.edu.

I encourage your feedback, let me know if a special is out of date or add an event to the calendar. Content suggestions are appreciated as well!

What can I expect from this blog?

This blog serves as a news source and guide to surviving the recession as a college student while still enjoying a life packed with entertainment, fashion, food and friends.  The blog would feature different categories such as:

  • Free UNC- a guide to free events and entertainment in the Chapel Hill area (along with coverage of some of the bigger events)
  • Happy Hour- drink and food specials organized by weekday,
  • Dutch Date- date ideas that involve little or no money
  • And other feature stories such as interviews about sneaking food from the cafeteria or DIY projects.

2 responses

15 10 2009
Katherine Posey

I loved Lizzie’s ideas for Halloween costumes. I am now inspired to browse the children’s costume section at my local super store. Keep the funny postings coming!

20 10 2009

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