Bizarre gifts of 2010

16 12 2010

So, you have that person in your life that is just plain odd. (That’s probably why you like them.) Or perhaps your goal when buying gifts is for the recipient to open it and say “WTF?”

Well, here are the strangest gifts I’ve found on the internet that you can still get shipped in time for Christmas:

For the handlebar hipster: CARSTACHE

Yes, that's right. A mustache for your car,

We might all be guilty of having a little hipster trapped inside of all of us. There are some people who push the boundaries though. You know the type, maxed out their credit card at Urban Outfitters, won’t stop playing the new Deerhunter album on vinyl, wears stupid ill-fitting sweaters because they’re “vintage”….
The carstache is the perfect subtle clue that they’re taking this fad just a little too far. And if they don’t get the hint they’ll probably enjoy the hell out of it. (They even come in different colors)

For the creepy cook: FETUS COOKIE CUTTER

What’s the one thing you want to think about when you’re eating? That’s right, fetuses. Maybe you have a disturbed cousin that listens to death metal, or an aunt that is an avid pro-life supporter… Either way, this cookie cutter is sure to be a hit. And I bet Santa would still gobble down the cookies no matter what they were shaped like. (He is a fattie after all.)

For the lazy college student: GUN ALARM CLOCK

Brilliant. This hands-on alarm clock won’t shut up until you shoot the target in the center. No more excuses for missing that 8 am class, or sleeping all day after an alcohol binge. Even better gift if they’re into violence or Sarah Palin. BANG!

For the ex-girlfriend: THE GIFT OF NOTHING

You know that there’s no one that gets under your skin more than an ex. Well, ’tis the season my friend. Instead of the passive anger this year be extra spiteful and go out of your way to get that not-so-special person absolutely nothing. Extra point if there’s an “I’m Sorry” card attached.


Do you have that annoying Grandmother who is always trying to teach you how to knit? Well, give her this lovely craft and she’s sure to be off your case for a while. Also an option for a science geek. (And only 8 bucks!)

Some other favorites:
THE DICK TOWEL (As seen on Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Merry Christmas Weirdo!


Homemade Halloween costumes!

13 10 2009

Halloween is just around the corner and those cliche pre-packaged costumes are overdone and overpriced.

This year, save money and be creative by making your own costume.


LADIES – Try being a slutty costume parody. Make fun of those overdone “sexy fireman” or half-naked bumble bee costumes by being something ridiculous like sexy Ab Lincoln.

COUPLES – “College Grad” and “Debt” go together like peanut butter and jelly! Just slap some labels on for a quick and clever couple’s costume.


  • “White Trash” – Wear white and jump in a trash bag. Simple!
  • “Freudian Slip” – wear a slip and write “FREUD” on it with magic marker
  • “Mr. Smartie Pants” – Wear a plain white t-shirt and single color pants. Write “MR.” on the shirt and glue or staple Smarties candies all over the pants.



To prepare: Go people-watching in Carrboro and play Hipster Bingo.

The how-to: Simply mix-or-match any of the following items:

  • Ray-bans or cheap 80’s sunglasses (Yes, you keep wearing them at night)
  • short shorts
  • skinny jeans
  • colored mid-length socks
  • Keds
  • Beard
  • Black cardigan
  • PBR can
  • v-neck white tee
  • road bike
  • concert wristbands (loads of ’em)
  • trucker hat
  • bed hair

Go the extra mile and memorize some of these hipster pick-up lines. Who knows, a chick with straight-across bangs might just fall for it!


Items needed: Cardboard box, paint, black electrical tape, patience

The how-to: Cut the top and bottom out of the box. Section off squares with the electric tape on each side of the box. Paint each side one color or mix it up. Put the box over your head and make shoulder straps with the electric tape. Voila, Rubik’s Cube!


Items needed: White t-shirt, jeans, marker, low intellectual capacity

The how-to: write “Pop Whore” on t-shirt.


Items needed: Yellow opague tights, stuffing of choice, cardboard, headband, hot glue, elastic, pipe cleaners, crafty mentality


Pretty darn cute!

The how-to: Cut one leg off of the yellow tights. Stuff the leg. Coil it and hot glue to secure. Glue the entire coil to a piece of cardboard to allow the “snail shell” to sit upright. Painting detail onto the coil is optional. Glue or tie on the elastic and wear like a backpack. Put the pipecleaners on a headband and arrange to look like the “feelers.” Go with a friend and use the other leg too!


Duct Tape Halloween! Tons of ideas using duct tape, which almost every college student owns. I like the gum-on-the-shoe idea.

Another way to Costumes meant for small childrensave money is to check out the kids costume section. They are often much cheaper than the adult costumes and can usually be modified to fit. The fact that they are ill-fitting also adds humor. (The costumes with built in muscles are always pretty funny too!)

Here are 46 pages more of homemade costume ideas. Get creative with household items or mimic characteristic celebrities for cheap. The possibilities are endless!

Be sure to give feedback with your costume ideas or send me pictures and I will post them!